Q4 2022 Quarterly VC Update: Kate McAndrew on the State of Venture Capital Investing

In conjunction with our Q4 Venture Financing Report, John Clendenin sat down with Kate McAndrew of Baukunst to get her take on the state of venture capital investing. Key insights from Kate McAndrew On recent trends in early-stage financings: “[T]he fundamentals of investing and company building are coming back. For the most part, pre-seed […]

Why Crypto Fund Managers Are Distressed Over the SEC’s Newly Proposed Safeguarding Rule

Note: This post is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the Safeguarding Rule. Rather, it is intended to highlight some of the key requirements for fund managers should the SEC adopt the rule, as well as immediate concerns raised by SEC statements in the proposing release. After five […]

Private Funds Near Top of List on SEC’s 2023 Examination Priorities

Each year, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Examinations publishes its examination priorities, alerting the industry to what likely will become the areas of deficiency most cited in deficiency letters or referred to the Division of Enforcement that year. The 2023 Examination Priorities were published last week, and for […]

Annual SEC Section 13 Filing Requirements for Venture, Private Equity Funds

Venture and private equity funds that own equity securities of public companies may have numerous Securities and Exchange Commission filing requirements, including filings based on the size of the holdings of a particular portfolio company, aggregate holdings of securities across all public portfolio companies, and filings triggered by the volume […]

SEC Proposes New Rule and Record-Keeping Requirements for Outsourcing by Registered Investment Advisers

Engaging service providers and outsourcing various functions is a normal part of running an effective business. From the newest emerging managers to the most established ones, venture capital firms and private fund shops regularly rely on service providers to fill various functions, including valuation, accounting, anti-money laundering and “know your […]