In conjunction with our Q2 Venture Financing Report, Peter Werner sat down with Frederik Groce of Storm Ventures and BLCK VC to get his take on the state of venture capital investing.

Key insights

On the pace of the market: “The use of technology has been paramount for companies, organizations and institutions to operate through an unparalleled period. This has led to increased purchasing, growing company revenues, and further capital allocation and investment at record levels.”

On founding BLCK VC: “[A]s current Black venture capitalists, we could see the reliance on personal networks for access to roles at firms, but also the reliance of these networks to drive deal flow, were creating structural barriers for the Black community.”

On upside and impact: “The current system, as it is, is leaving huge economic upside on the table largely because networks haven’t evolved. The reality is that companies that prove successful are global – and to be global, you need to be diverse.”

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