In conjunction with our Q3 Venture Financing Report, Sacha Ross sat down with Logan Bartlett of Redpoint Ventures to get his take on the state of venture capital investing.

Key Insights

On valuations moving forward: “While the amount of capital in the system is so high, it’s discerning in nature, and some of these rounds that were done based on forward multiples last year are going to be hard to clear if growth expectations aren’t met or customer demand tapers off.”

On late-stage investing: “The 0.01% of these [very high-quality, fast-growing] companies are almost in the ‘I-can-name-the-price-I-want’ mode, and they’ll often get it in the private markets (within reason) if the growth and efficiency are there.”

On evaluating new investments during the pandemic: “The way we’ve gotten comfortable has honestly been scheduling time for unstructured conversations. … Having some dedicated social time makes a difference.”

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