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How Do You Handle Structured Secondary Sales Run By Agents?

Most clients we work with have gotten the letter from time to time: “Hi, our firm is acting as agent for Institution X, one of your limited partners, who are selling a portfolio of interests in venture capital funds.” The letter goes on to explain that the manager’s interest has […]

Most US and Asia Based VC Managers Are Outside the Scope of GDPR and Need Not Comply With It

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about whether and how GDPR may apply to US and Asia based managers of venture capital funds. This is a rapidly evolving area, however, there is a sound legal view to the effect that many of the managers we work with […]

Trademark Considerations and Naming Venture Capital Funds

When choosing a name for a fund, there are a number trademark-related questions to consider. Giving thought to these issues early on can help you build a strong brand and avoid legal disputes down the line. Is your venture capital fund name a trademark? The term “trademark” generally includes any […]

What You Need to Know About Erisa and Accepting Capital Commitments from “Benefit Plan” Investors

ERISA is a U.S. federal statute which regulates, among other things, the management and investment of assets of employee benefit plans (such as U.S. pension plans, 401(k) plans and their related trusts). Importantly, ERISA’s regulations cover not just the employee benefit plans themselves, but also any entity deemed to hold […]

Issues for Consideration When a Managing Director Departs Your Firm

While we advise on this topic daily, hopefully most of our fund clients will only have to think about matters related to the departure of senior investment professionals, i.e. managing directors (MD’s) a small handful of times in their organizational lives. Having an MD depart your firm is not a […]